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What does this type of training offer you?

Dual FP is an opportunity to create a pool of qualified future workers

Are you a Precision Turning and Machining manufacturer and need to host Dual VT students?
Are you a supplier and would like to participate in students’ technical training?

What is Dual VT?

Companies increasingly need more specialised profiles, although on many occasions they fail to find young people with training that specifically meets their requirements. The Precision Turning and Machining sector is no exception in this regard. Dual VT provides a solution to this need and gives companies the chance to contribute to training apprentices who will better match their needs and expectations.

Dual VT is an opportunity to create an “incubator” of future qualified workers. This leads to savings in external personnel recruitment costs, plus savings on the cost of adapting workers to their positions.

In this case, the Dual VT in Precision Turning is promoted by ADECAT, making it possible to raise the level of qualification in the sector’s workforce.

Dual VT is a form of professional or vocational training in which students spend more than one third of their training as in-company learners or apprentices. Student training is overseen by two mentors at all times: one from the training centre and another from the company.

Any company can train apprentices, but some factors make it of great interest to become a training company.

The nature of the relationship between the company and the trainee is based on a grant-salary. Trainee remuneration is a quality element which ADECAT wholeheartedly supports and applies to all of the companies that participate in the dual system.

To plan human resources in the medium and long-term
Dual VT works very well in two types of companies: those that have to replace some of their personnel because they are retiring and those that envisage major growth in their workforce.
For average qualification jobs with a long learning curve
For jobs in which “there is a lot of learning”. In this situation, having an apprentice who will be trained in the company and will work for it in the long term is very useful.
For reasons involving corporate responsibility
The company undertakes to train apprentices, and thus bring about a positive impact on the local environment. This also helps reduce youth unemployment and improves and promotes the company's image.

The main advantages of Dual VT for Precision Turning companies

Including contents of interest to the company’s activity in the training syllabus.

Achieving greater trainee commitment to the training during their in-company stay.

Reaching decisions on hiring the trainees once their training is complete.

Obtaining a tax deduction for the trainees’ Social Security contributions.

Making good personnel recruitment decisions through better knowledge of the short-listed candidate.

Creating a seed for future workers and facilitating the handover from one generation to the next.

Training future workers on the company’s culture and work procedures.

Promoting corporate responsibility by becoming a training company, thus conveying a dynamic and modern image.

Optimising external personnel recruitment processes, thereby facilitating Human Resource work.

Recouping the investment in training in the medium term by recruiting trainees to the company.

Dual VT Project in Precision Turning by ADECAT

Catering to a sector need

The industry has long been working to obtain a training speciality, one that would be recognised by the Public Administrations and with a view to taking a qualitative leap forward in the sector’s professionalisation. Companies had a growing demand for qualified personnel that they could not cover due to a lack of candidates and also because of a lack of knowledge about the sector, particularly among young people and schools. For this reason, ADECAT decided to implement a series of actions to set this situation straight and help its associates cater to this global need.

Cooperation agreements

In 2014, ADECAT signed a cooperation agreement with the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Education to promote and develop Dual Vocational Training in Precision Turning, using the Institut Escola Industrial de Sabadell as its reference training school. A work committee adapted the syllabus of the existing higher degree to the Precision Turning professional profile. In 2017, in light of the project’s success and a growing demand from companies in the Vallès Oriental, Vallès Occidental, Barcelonès and Baix Llobregat counties in Catalonia, ADECAT decided to extend the training offered to the EMT centres in Granollers and to the Escola del Treball of Barcelona.

Innovative elements provided by ADECAT to this training modality that benefits companies


It trains the teaching staff at the centres about the specific subjects involved in Precision Turning so as to guarantee the theoretical contents taught to the students at the School.

Business alliance

It creates a strategic business alliance, with which ADECAT’S technical members (suppliers) hold a series of technical working days for the Precision Turning Dual VT students, addressing specific topics while using the cutting-edge technology on the market: cutting tools, raw materials, machinery, lubricants, coatings and surface treatments, artificial vision, accessories, etc.



ADECAT has already trained two graduating classes with more than 20 students. Furthermore, over ten precision turning and machining companies have participated. More than ten suppliers have trained students on technical subjects.

Are you a Precision Turning and Machining manufacturer and need to host Dual VT students?

Are you a supplier and would like to participate in students’ technical training?

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